Comprehensive Physical Therapy Services

•Gait and Balance Training

•Upper and Lower Extremity Strengthening

•Manual Therapy

•Cervical Spine

•Thoracic Spine

•Lumbar Spine


•Chronic Headache

•Upper Extremity

•Lower Extremity

•Myofacial Pain Syndrome

•Deep Soft Tissue Mobilization

•Sports Medicine Rehab

•Alter G

At Quinn Physical Therapy we can provide a premium amount of services that can be customized to our patients particular needs.

McKenzie Certified Spinal Rehabilitation

At Quinn Physical Therapy, we offer the McKenzie approach to the rehabilitation of common spinal disorders including:

 Neck, Thoracic, and Lumbar spine.


The McKenzie method is a philosophy of active patient involvement and education that is trusted and used worldwide for:

 Back, Neck, Extremity problems.

Proven methodology, the McKenzie method is a non-invasive self directed treatment that provides fast and effective relief even for chronic pain.  Tony Quinn, P.T. has been certified in the McKenzie method since 1999, and is currently one of only a handful of certified practitioners in the state of Louisiana.

Lymphedema Treatment and Management

How can manual Physical Therapy help?


Reduce swelling and successfully managing the conditions through a combination of:

Early detection

Clinical treatment

Patient Education (Decrease fluid retention through diet, precautions and contraindications associated with lymphedema)

Home management strategies


Early Stage management includes:

Fitting with a custom compression garment


Regular elevation


If the condition progresses, Physical Therapy management may include:

Lymphatic drainage to increase lymph flow and reduce swelling

Vasopneumatic pumping using low pressure sequential pneumatic devices

Compression bandaging to maintain the reduction achieved during treatment sessions, and enhance the efficacy of the muscle pump

Lymphedema is an extremely debilitating condition characterized by swelling in the arms, legs, or trunk.  It is the accumulation of protein rich fluid within the interstitial tissues, as a result of a compromised lymphatic system.

Industrial Rehabilitation


Our industrial rehabilitation services include:


Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) - used to transition injured workers from disability to function and employment.  FCE is the single most reliable measure to determine if a successful return to work is possible.  This evaluation is also a thorough and accurate evaluation process that documents physical abilities, limitations, and provides an overall gauge of the feasibility of employment in a particular field


Pre-Employment Screening


Work Conditioning - Providing progressive strengthening and endurance training to specific muscle groups, pertinent to a client's field of employment


Work specific ergonomics and body mechanics training


Transitional return to work program


Employee work smart training


Body mechanics education and training

Hand Adjustment
Industrial Rehabilitation Foot
Industrial Rehabilitation Hand

The work conditioning program at Quinn Physical Therapy is designed to regain functional strengths that are necessary for injured workers to safely return to work.  We also offer Functional Capacity Evaluations, including validity criteria, to safely identify work capabilities.


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